Monday, March 17, 2008

Update on Lindt Oster Knusper

Remember this posting, in which I noted that one of the knusper pieces wasn't the same as pictured on the box?
I'm not one to leave issues like this on the table, especially since my job as a Quality Program Manager requires a lot of attention to customer satisfaction. Additionally, Germany has a pretty strong reputation for weak customer service.

Lindt Germany is a strong counter-example of German customer service. First, when I noticed that there was a major flaw in the Oster Knusper, I wrote Lindt Germany an email to point this out. In return I received a highly polite thank you for my email, sounding quite a lot like a form letter, but still I was impressed, because it happens too often in Germany that I receive no response at all.

Then Lindt just knocked my socks off. I got a second email, in which another employee gave me an update on the product. First, he acknowledged that the picture was not the same as the product, and proceeded to tell me why. Turns out the candies couldn't keep the granulate on the pieces, because it wasn't sticky enough. So they changed the recipe, incorporating the granulate into the coating itself, which was something I had noticed, and it tastes great.

Lindt impressed me a lot with this response - as a customer I know that they pay attention to detail, and to me. This is the kind of response I expect only from very tiny businesses, not a giant like Lindt. Pretty great.

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