Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mövenpick Chocolate Picante ice cream

Mövenpick has a lovely array of products from restaurants and hotels, to chocolate, gourmet cookies, smoked fish, and now premium ice cream. Whoa! SMOKED FISH? Oooo-kay. A little diversification isn’t bad for a business, I guess.
This week I fell victim to advertising. Mövenpick has announced its line of premium ice cream, with Chocolate Picante being one that caught my eye.
So Dear Hubby dutifully put the ice cream on his next shopping list, and today was the taste test. “Prüfung bestanden,” the Germans say. “It passed with flying colors,” say the Americans.
It’s definitely a premium ice cream, with good density and flavor. The Picante part could be a little more pikant, but it’s still noticeable.
What really bugs me about ice cream in Germany are the chocolate bits. They put these tiny chocolate chips into many ice creams, but these things can hardly be described as chocolate, they are so dry and tasteless. It’s not just Mövenpick, but rather every ice cream with bits that I’ve tried. Give me a small thread of ganache instead, and I’d be much more satisfied.

Reviewed: Mövenpick Chocolate Picante ice cream
Personality: Chilly Chili Chocolate (boy, wouldn’t that be a great name for an ice cream. Trademark!!!)
How to enjoy: Dole it out in small portions, because it comes in a pint size or less, and is reasonably priced
1: Better than sex
2: Little bites of heaven
3: Share with your best friend
4: Will do in a pinch
5: Halloween candy

Where to buy:
Edeka grocery stores in Germany, but I don’t think it’s outside of Germany yet
Check in with Mövenpick to see where it's offered:

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