Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Coop chocolates from Halba

My colleague Heike was recently in Switzerland on vacation. In addition to watching her 7 year old son climb a big piece of the Alps on a bicycle, she also found some chocolate to bring back to the office. Nice thing is, I sit right across from her, and got first choice of the several varieties of Swiss chocolate this afternoon.
I had the pleasure of tasting the Coop brand from Chocolats Halba. Smooth tasting, good chocolate flavor, and a great activity for a Tuesday afternoon. Certainly makes reading the 300 customer feedback comments I have to read this afternoon much easier.
The Cremant is a mildly dark chocolate, and very smooth. The White chocolate is also rich and a great pleasure. The other types I have yet to try are the Truffes (truffle filling) and the Milk with hazelnuts, but I fully expect them to be ever so yummy.

Reviewed: Coop mini chocolate bars
Personality: Classically Swiss chocolate, smooth and creamy, a real crowd-pleaser
How to enjoy: A great motivator to get your work done
1: Better than sex
2: Little bites of heaven
3: Share with your best friend (and your colleagues)
4: Will do in a pinch
5: Halloween candy

Where to buy:
Germany: Drive to Switzerland to visit the "House of Chocolate"

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