Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Box

The Box is the heart of this operation. Hidden deep inside its rich brown recesses lies the treasures of which millions dream. Little bites of heaven, rich, creamy nougat, biting peppery blackness, each day a new adventure.

Join me as I explore one of the greatest pleasures of modern life: chocolate. Situated in the heart of Europe, I'm a stone's throw away from the best chocolatiers in the world. And I'm not afraid to eat it.

Miss Charlotte


Anonymous said...

Please send me The Box.

Miss Charlotte said...

The Box is available from the honorable proprietor of Salon du Cacao, Herr Michael Behrens.

iz said...

Mmmmmmh, the Ghiradelli chocolate chip recipe sounds maaaavelous! The Lidl hint is a good one and the Lindt is my favorite!

Thanks for sharing, Choco-Char!!!

iz :-)