Sunday, February 10, 2008

Erasmi Lübecker Edel Marzipan Mocca

Lidl gave us another present this week. DH loves marzipan covered with chocolate, and I noticed that he inhaled this one. I only got to eat the one piece that is shown in the photograph.
DH's verdict: the marzipan is as good as any Lübecker marzipan he's eaten, and the mocca flavor was nicely strong. He didn't even notice the bits of coffee bean that I crunched through.

Reviewed: Erasmi Lübecker Edel Marzipan Mocca
Personality: a disappearing act, it goes so fast
How to enjoy: Next time you get in an argument with your hubby, just wave these under his nose.


1: Better than sex
2: Little bites of heaven
3: Share with your best friend
4: Will do in a pinch
5: Halloween candy

Where to buy:
Germany: Lidl (I assume it's coming to Lidls worldwide)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Best marzipan and chocolate we have ever tasted.cannot get any at our local Lidl,where else can we buy it in england