Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hachez Edel Mokka-Sahne

This is a lovely chocolate. After doing some company research, I discovered that Hachez is made by the same company that makes the Feodora Mocca's.
They do taste different, though both are good.
What I've found after a while is that the Mocca's lose a bit of flavor once opened. The Hachez didn't seem to lose much, but the bar also didn't last very long. I would assume it would lose it if I kept it around longer.

Reviewed: Hachez Edel Mokka-Sahne
Personality: Smooth and a nice coffee flavor
How to enjoy: Good plain eating chocolate. Stock up and eat as desired.
1: Better than sex
2: Little bites of heaven
3: Share with your best friend
4: Will do in a pinch
5: Halloween candy
Where to buy: Available only in German grocery stores

1 comment:

Molly B. said...

So glad to read from someone who doesn't consider Hachez the be-all, end-all.