Friday, July 20, 2007

Chocolate Wars: Gross, Xiocrolata, Ghirardelli

With so much dark chocolate floating around, it's time for a choolate war, this time with 3 different high percentage bars:
  • Ghirardelli Dark 60%
  • Xiocrolata 72%
  • J.D. Gross Kul-Kul 78%

Like my last chocolate war, I'm judging based on smell, color, smoothness and taste. An excellent dark chocolate should have a rich taste, with a distinct aftertaste that is not bitter, and be quite smooth.

Here's how they stack up.

J.D. Gross and Ghirardelli come out on top, smelling distinctly like chocolate. The
Xiocrolata is just too mild to score highly.

Gross is the clear winner here, with a rich dark color, and a nice sheen to match.

Ghirardelli edges out Xiocrolata edges by a hair.

This is tough. I can see where I would prefer either J.D. Gross or the Ghirardelli at
different times. It all depends on how much sweetness I'm in the mood for.
Ghirardelli is a little too sweet for my preference, but it's still quite good.

J.D. Gross by a nose. Ultimately I prefer J.D. Gross' smell and taste over
the Ghirardelli.

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