Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nestle Snack bars

Nestle Snack bars are new products on the German market. Large waffles covered with a little bit of chocolate, it looks like you get a big bar compared to your average candy bar.
What's important to me is the taste. Both are good, but leave a little to be desired.
The dark chocolate version could use a little more coating thickness, yet the flavor of the chocolate is rich and you know you've eaten a little dark chocolate rather than just a waxy brown coating.
The coconut version really needs more coconut flavor. It left me wishing that I could go back to Atlanta, Georgia, find that antique show again, and eat that heavenly coconut cake that I once had years ago. But the white chocolate coating was delicious and enough to make this a treat anyway.

Reviewed: Nestle Snack
Personality: Light and Airy
How to enjoy: Like they said in their press release, it makes a great light dessert after lunch. That's exactly how we ate it.

1: Better than sex
2: Little bites of heaven
3: Share with your best friend. I did! DH and I each ate one.
4: Will do in a pinch
5: Halloween candy

Where to buy:
So far, only in Germany at the stores and snack shops.

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Anonymous said...

Actually its not just Germany but most European countries where this is available, although in Spain I have only seen the plain version of the white snack bar which has no cocunuiy coconut. There's a milk chocolate and also a crunchy version too