Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dove Liaison Caramel

Today I was just a firecracker! Even though it's Saturday, I got up early so I could enjoy the cool air before it became too humid. The local bakery, Baeckerei Bauer, opens at 6:30 a.m. so I decided to start there. First thing I noticed were the cakes. They make some nice roll cakes, but I had to focus.

No cake today. I was there for the week's bread. Mmm, I bought a nice rye sourdough, some cheese rolls, soft pretzel sticks, and a whole grain baguette.
Then off to the car wash to give ol' Nelly a lick and a promise. That was annoying as all get-out, because only one of the bays had a machine for the prepaid card I'd bought. Then the spray got out of control due to the very high pressure (Germans are very serious about their car washing, especially here in Mercedes-land).

Next the grocery store, to be followed by the recycling station. All of this done by 9:30, with the rest of the day to enjoy as I please. As I stood at the checkout, I noticed a new chocolate bar: Dove Liaison Caramel.

That's a nice combination: Dove, a brand I trust, Liaison, one of my favorite words, and Caramel, one of my favorite flavors.

It didn't disappoint. A nice mass-market chocolate, definitely up to Dove's usual standards, is molded into a 25 gram bar, conveniently divided into 3 segments. Each segment is filled with a very soft caramel, which will flow if left unattended. If you bite exactly between two segments, it can't flow very much. The caramel taste itself is just ok. For a real caramelly taste, I'd rather eat Werther's.

Reviewed: Dove Liaison Caramel
Personality: A true "liaison" of chocolate and caramel.
How to enjoy: Keep these in the fridge and enjoy them as an everyday treat. They make a great little dessert for a packed lunch.

1: Better than sex
2: Little bites of heaven
3: Share with your best friend
4: Will do in a pinch
5: Halloween candy

Where to buy:
Germany: In the grocery checkout lane
USA: Try the Dove Miniatures Caramel
UK: Galaxy Caramel

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Isobelle said...

Ms Charlotte,

Our tastebuds must be in sinc! I happen to drool over Dove Liaison Caramel everytime i see one at the local grocery store. I never fail to grab 1 at checkout.

Nothing beats the creamy, soft, and luscious buttery feel of the caramel filling, and the sweetness (?), just PERFECT!

I am actually looking forward to checking out their dark chocolates and milk chocolates later today. And, they are all for FREE. If you happen to be anywhere at these locations between August 2-5, then you might as well grab some free samples from the Dove Ladies as they will be going out the streets on these days.
These are the cities: Baltimore/Washington DC, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, New York NY, Philadelphia PA, San Diego CA and San Francisco CA.

There is also a bunch of recipes and a message board and other stuff at the Dove web site: