Friday, August 6, 2010

Werther's Eclair

Werther's Eclair is a great product.About as big as the tip of your finger, it first comes across as a little bit of a hard shell, but the sugar quickly dissolves and you've got the regular Werther's caramel.

Pleasant enough, but eventually a delicious squirt of chocolate cream comes out, giving you a fun burst of pleasure right at the end.

A nice change from regular Werther's.


Sprocket said...

Seeing your passion for chocolate I cannot pass the opportunity of recommending you a personal friend of mine which is a chocolatier. She uses cocoa from Kuna Yala, which is in Panama and she makes amazing things with it.
Have a look at her blog:
I'm afraid it's in Spanish but you can translate it. I think my friend (her nickname is Ayame) speaks a bit of English.
All her chocolate is made by hand and it's limited production.

Sprocket said...

Furthermore, I could eventually translate/interpret for you if you are interested.

Sprocket said...

I just realised that is not that easy to order. I've asked my friend (Esther) for more details.
Her Facebook for her business is

ruairi said...

Hello :-)

Your blog is great- i am also a choco fan :-)I found your blog whilst looking for German based blogs as I move in 2 weeks!

Try Werthers Caramelts. They are amazingly yummy, you wont regret it !!

Sprocket said...

My friend told me that the online shop is not ready yet but that if you are interested, you just need to send an email to and simply ask!

She loved your blog and has syndicated it.

RSA Online said...

I LOVE these they're delicious! Nice choice ;)