Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leonidas Pralines

Tuebingen is a big small city in the middle of Baden-Wuerttemberg. As a university town and a medical center, the downtown supports the needs of those groups rather than people supporting a town. That results in a thriving downtown that is filled with many fun things to do.
Last weekend we found a number of nice experiences as we window-shopped. The best café is the one overlooking the Neckar bridge, where you can see hundreds of people walk by. As we walked back to the market from the café, we indulged in ice cream. DH had a Fig-Grape mixture, and I had Lemon Basil. Not the lemon-basil herb, but lemon ice cream with regular basil as an accent flavor. It. Was. Amazing. The fig was good too, but the grape didn’t come out so well.
We also visited Safran. If you’ve seen the “Mistress of Spices” movie, or “Chocolat,” then you’ll understand when I tell you that Safran is a perfect mixture of the stores featured in those films.
And Safran sells chocolate. Good chocolate. I scored a Cluizel bar, a Zotter bar and some Leonidas pralines.
We bought just enough Leonidas for the weekend, and I was going to look up the names of the pieces, but it seems the Leonidas website is under attack, and my virus checker kept me from using the site.
They are good, though. The white one is a Manon Café. With a good solid white shell, and a creamy center, it’s praline perfection. The chestnut shaped one is a coffee nougat with krokant. More solid than the Manon, the krokant is crispy and fresh, like a good toffee should be. The aftertaste of this piece is excellent. We didn’t specifically wish to purchase so many coffee-flavored pieces, but that was the bulk of Safran’s stock.
These pralines are all different ones from my last purchase in Strasbourg. And they’re all good.
The square one is Tosca, a brandy ganache. The brandy taste comes out immediately, and enhances the deep dark ganache.
The rectangular is a nougat with puffed rice. A bit of a non-sequitor compared with the others. I keep thinking about the Nestle Crunch bar, but the chocolate is here much better, of course.

Reviewed: Leonidas pralines
Personality: Upscale trophy chocolate
How to enjoy: Laid out nicely on a beautiful plate, these are to be savored by eye as well as the tongue.
1: Better than sex
2: Little bites of heaven
3: Share with your best friend
4: Will do in a pinch
5: Halloween candy

Where to buy:
Safran chocolate in Tuebingen, Germany, and Leonidas everywhere.

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